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If we continue our current way of life, by 2030 two planets wouldn’t be enough to support us. This problem will not be resolved easily, and will require our generation to make great strides, to move past country borders and overcome the issue together.

In Japan the word ‘satoyama’ generally refers to the border zone between the mountain foothills and flat land near to a village. It is a place where people live in harmony with nature, harvesting its bounty but also being stewards of the land. When we moved to Kyoto’s satoyama we discovered wisdom about sustainability dating back over one thousand years. If there’s no one to inherit this wisdom, it risks being lost forever. This is why our approach is to gain a deep understanding of the region so that we can reinterpret that knowledge in a fresh way for the next generation, and where applicable, spread satoyama wisdom worldwide. For each project, we partner with creatives at home and abroad in order to create the ecosystem, and the international network that leads sustainable enterprise.

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Recently it’s scorching during the day but the cooler evening is perfect for a stroll by the river near tehen 🌿 ...

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⛰At ROOTS our mission is to share satoyama knowledge with the world. But what does satoyama mean anyway?
Generally it refers to the the flat land between at the foothills of the mountains and human settlements. It is a semi-wild environment where humans live in harmony with nature by stewarding the land. Japanese people have long depended on the satoyama for food and supplies for daily life and so it’s here we can find a lot of ancient wisdom that can help us live more sustainable lives today. Above are some of the areas where the satoyama way of life are particularly instructive.

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