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30days Ticket CoWorking

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Ticket price 55,000 Yen (Incl.Tax)
Admission Free

  • CoWorking Space

    Free to use while staying in the countryside

  • Resident Career School

    For those who want to work in the countryside

  • companies involved in local

    Ideal for employee training, and retreats

  • Inspection & fieldwork

    Fieldwork for students or local governments

Three houses, three homes for creativity.

  • uma

    Nestled quietly in the countryside is this recently restored old-fashioned farmhouse. It’s spacious and yet cosy enough to accommodate several families, use as a share house or for housing interns.

  • roku

    This country house is situated near a pristine stream. Recently renovated, it features loft on the upper floor and an airy tatami room. It’s easy to feel at home immediately in this hidden retreat.

  • tehen

    Imagined as a gateway to the artisan scene of Keihoku, tehen is a place that facilitates all kinds of creative endeavor. In the building itself, you can get a sense of the lives of the people who have come before, from the river side, the goémon bathtub, to the veranda. It’s a place of crossover between the creatives of the past and the future.

30 Days Membership Ticket


Terms of use


(冬季 11月〜3月までは暖房費用1日利用 500円 (税込 550円)が追加されます)

各個室には、シングルサイズのベッド(和室の場合は布団)、共有部分には家具・家電・ アメニティが完備されています。


同時予約日数の上限 14 日。ご利用した分、新たなご予約が可能です。 同じ個室の連続予約は、最長 7 日間までとなります。


1 年間
* 契約から 1 週間以内は無料でご解約が可能です。(1 週間以内に家をご利用された場 合は課金されます。)




会員は専用ページにて各拠点の写真や詳細情報、空室状況をご確認頂けます。そちら で予約を行い、その家を管理する ROOTS スタッフの承認を得た上でご利用頂きます。